Testimonial 3

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“The CPS001 is absolute power on demand! Simply put, once you have the pleasure of owning /using a CPS-0001, you will not and can not live without it. I was deployed to OIF from January to August 2006, my CPS – 0001 has seen ALL the extremes, and not one time was the CPS-0001 unable to keep up the pace with the high demands of myself as a Joint Terminal Attack Controller. Talk about efficiency and versatility, I had a CF-29 laptop with moving Falconview(R) moving map display, GPS Re-radiator, ROVER III, ROVER III CF-18 laptop, PRC-148 MBITR battery charger, external USB hard drive, cooler, and DAGR GPS running off it constantly during my 6 month deployment. That does not include the Iridium(R) charger, the PSP charger, MP3 player charger, and boom box that I had to make life a little more “live able”. I purchased a CPS-0001 out of my pocket, because the new unit I am PCS’ing to does not have them. If I was told today to back my bags for another trip to “America’s favorite sandbox” or anywhere else on this earth, the CPS – 0001 would be at the top of my checklist, right next to my rifle!”

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