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I had the honor of deploying with a clone of the original prototype of the Corderized Power Supply CPS-0001. This power supply pulled its weight and then some! Justin Corder’s exact words to me before I went down range were, “use  it, and provide me feedback”. So with that being said, I did. Primary communications on my Special Forces team was the AN/PRC-148 (MBITR), which was not very efficient, because most of our missions outlasted the radios battery life (approx 8-10 hrs constant use). Fortunately we always had a HMMWV with a slave cable receptacle. When our MBITR batteries died we plugged them into the 6 cell MBITR charger which was powered by the CPS-0001. It was a savior to say the least, since there’s always that one person that doesn’t charge their equipment before the mission. At most of our operating locations, electricity was very scarce and very unreliable. We used “the hell out of it” for all kinds of equipment; laptops, TV’s, IPOD’s, Global positioning system (GPS), tazers, play station portables (have to keep our morale up), Iridium Satellite phones, Cell phones, pretty much anything we were carrying that needed a charge. This extremely rugged and versatile power supply did the trick. My team and I highly recommend the CPS-0001 for any kind of vehicle mounted operations or as main “building” power in primitive areas of operations.

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