CPS-0001 Corderized™ Power Supply

“Built by a military operator, for military operators” ™

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The Corderized™ Power Supply (CPS) is the most versatile mobile AC/DC “plug and play” power supply available for military and non-military application where portability, ruggedness, and reliability are required. The CPS simultaneously supplies +12VDC, +24VDC, +5VDC USB and 110VAC power all in ONE compact, light-weight, ruggedized, and portable package.

The CPS has a wide range of application supporting any vehicle that operates on a core 24VDC power system. Below are just some of the common military vehicles compatible to the CPS-0001.

  • CUCV (Chevy Blazer)
  • Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV)
  • HMMWV (Humvee) M1 Series of Abrams Main Battle Tank
  • 2.5 ton truck and 5 ton truck
  • M-113 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)
  • Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles (MRAP)
  • M2/M3 Series of Bradley Fighting Vehicles (BFV’s)
  • STRYKER line of vehicles
  • M-ATV (MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle)

Mobile, Compact and Light Weight (Truly “Jerk and Run”)
This lightweight, rugged, and portable package is perfect for any combat unit. At just 22lbs (9.9kg) and 16.00” x 13.00” x 6.87”, it can be used in any mounted/mobile vehicle operation. Within seconds the CPS can be transferred from one vehicle to another, providing an imperative “Jerk and Run” capability in any mission critical situation.

The CPS has 2 x 110VAC Hospital Grade GFCI Outlets, 2 x 110VAC NON-GFCI Hospital Grade Outlets, 1 x 24VDC Binding Posts, 3 x 12VDC cigarette lighter receptacles, 1 x 12VDC Binding Posts, and dual powered USB receptacles making the CPS the perfect “all-in-one” solution for any mobile power requirement. The CPS has proven itself to be indispensable in providing mobile power to the U.S. Air Force Tactical Air Control Party (TACP), Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC’s), U.S. Army Special Operations Forces, and many other U.S. Conventional forces.

The 12VDC, 24VDC, 110VAC, and dual powered USB receptacles featured on the CPS operate independently of each other. This one-of-a-kind design provides extra performance capabilities and acts as a safeguard against complete power system failure.

The CPS is enclosed in a rugged Pelican® case for maximum durability and protection. Unlike other “tactical power supplies,” the CPS does not require the lid to be open during operation in order to plug in electrical components. Operating the CPS with the lid closed allows for absolute maximum protection of the power supply’s key internal components during combat and training missions.

Pure/True Sine Wave Power
With its “PURE” sine wave AC output, the CPS inverter fully ensures that sensitive equipment will be powered at its manufacturer’s designed specification. The CPS AC output provides “clean” power quality, superior to AC power provided by most commercial power companies.

Air-Flow and Cooling
The CPS was built with the harshest of conditions in mind. The CPS utilizes IP55 (Dust Protected, Water Resistant) and IP56 (Dust Protected, Water Resistant) cooling fans to ensure longevity and reliability. Host to two separate cooling systems, the CPS efficiently cools internal electrical components to ensure optimal performance is always available.

Maintenance Friendly
Maintenance is a breeze with the CPS. To perform regular preventative maintenance, simply blow out any collecting dust with a can of compressed air or an air compressor. All CPS fusing is push-button re-settable, eliminating any need for replacement fuses.

Plug and Play
The CPS is designed to be truly “plug and play.” Simply connect the provided NATO slave cable from the vehicle’s slave cable receptacle to the input power on the CPS. For operators of other types of vehicles, such as the new M-ATV, we can provide an additional cable for plugging into the vehicular power connector located inside the vehicle cab. The CPS utilizes Amphenol® RADSOK® technology providing unmatched ruggedness and maximum efficiency of power transfer from the power source to the CPS.

Made in the United States of America
All of our manufacturing and assembly is completed here in the United States of America; nothing is sent overseas to be assembled. Our quality control is of the highest standards and assembly is done with the greatest attention to detail.